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Multimedia Links

Tour Of The Electromagnetic SpectrumTour Of The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Video Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
A Warming WorldA Warming World
January 2000 to December 2009 came out as the warmest decade on record. This collection of collection of NASA videos, articles and imagery helps tell the story of our warming world.
Molly MacauleyCarbon Policy and Earth Observations
In climate policy discussions, the issue of emissions “offsets” is a contentious topic. This presentation discusses answers to the most frequently asked questions about offsets.
NASA Science and Visualization StudioNASA's Scientific and Visualization Studio
The Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) at NASA Goddard is involved in providing visualization products, systems, and expertise to various NASA projects and missions. If you are looking for great animations, this where you can find them!
World WindWorld Wind
Zoom in to any spot on Earth and fly along the surface. World Wind software integrates images from several sources to incredible effect. Note: Interactive visualization tool.
NASA Orbiting Earth Observing FleetNASA's Orbiting Earth Observing Fleet
While NASA is actively exploring Mars with new landers and orbiters, we already maintain a powerful and diverse fleet around the Earth. NASA's Earth Observing fleet of vehicles constitutes a major milestone in the history of Earth science, facilitating kinds of wide scale and synergistic research endeavors that, until the last decade, were impossible to even consider.
Visible EarthVisible Earth
Visible Earth is a growing, central index of Earth science-related images being produced by several NASA projects including Terra and SeaWiFS. Images are categorized by location, satellite, and topic, and are also searchable using a full-text search engine. New images are uploaded daily and highlighted on the front page, so be sure to come back often!
Our Restless PlanetOur Restless Planet Animation Library
We live on a restless planet. Earth is continually influenced by the sun, gravitational forces, processes emanating from deep within the core, and by complex interactions with oceans and atmospheres. At very short time scales we seem to be standing on terra firma, yet many processes sculpt the surface with changes than can be quite dramatic (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides), sometime slow (subsidence due to aquifer depletion), seemingly unpredictable, and often leading to loss of life and property damage.