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Grant Solicitations

Recent Solicitations

Mars 2020 Returned Sample Science Board:

Individuals are invited to apply for membership on the Returned Sample Science (RSS) Board for the Mars 2020 science rover mission. To apply submit a 2-page (11-point font, 1-inch margins) Letter of Application and a CV by July 15, 2015 to with the subject line "Mars 2020 Science Team RSS Board" after having read the instructions at

The Earth Venture Instruments call is out!
Mandatory NOIs were due April 30, 2015
Proposals are due June 26, 2015
here is the external link to the NSPIRES page
 and more information can be found at

Ongoing Solicitations

Future Solicitations:

Community Announcements

Draft EVM-2 AO will be released today May 12.
On or about May 12, 2015 the Draft Earth Venture Mission – 2 AO was released for community comment.
Draft AO Prospective Bidders Telecon/WebEx: May 29, 2015.
All related information and links to the full text of the draft solicitation will be available on NSPIRES at and at the EVM-2 Acquisition Homepage at
Comments Due by June 12, 2015 to (subject line to read "EVM-2 draft").

US Science and Technology Policy Office (OSTP) posted a draft “National Space Weather Strategy” for public comment by May 29. For more information see      

Release of Draft HP Data CAN for community comment
The Heliophysics Division has released for community review and comment a draft CAN to maintain and improve the Heliophysics Data Environment. The text can be found on NSPIRES by searching on NNH15ZDA009J (or following the embedded link).
Comments on Draft CAN are due by June 16 to Jeffrey Hayes, at with "HPDAUE" (without quotes) in the subject line. The identity of those submitting comments will be held in confidence. Answers to questions about this Draft CAN will be made available on the NSPIRES website.

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