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The Heliophysics SMEX AO has been released along with the corresponding MoO and US participating investigator ROSES program element. 

Here is a link to the PDF of the AO on NSPIRES, here is a link to SALMON-2 Appendix Q: 2014 Heliophysics Explorer Mission of Opportunity, here is the link to the ROSES 2016 Appendix B.10: Heliophysics U.S. Participating Investigator call. Proposals are due October 14, 2016

Questions concerning this program may be directed to

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Community Announcements

Draft Astrophysics MIDEX AO is out

The Draft AO for Astrophysics Explorers Program 2016 Medium Explorer (MIDEX) Missions has been released for Community Comment. Here is a link to the text of the 2016 Draft Astrophysics MIDEX AO (.PDF). The comment period for the Draft 2016 MIDEX AO ends on August 4, 2016. Comments on the draft may be addressed by email to (subject line to read "MIDEX AO"). Responses to all inquiries will be answered by E-mail and also posted weekly at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) location of the Astrophysics Explorer Program Acquisition website at; anonymity of persons/institutions who submit questions will be preserved.

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