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ROSES 2009 Clarifications, corrections and amendments D.3 Corrections

Description: Appendix D.3 APRA has changed its name, contact information, and other details.

The official name of Appendix D.3, the APRA program, has been changed from “Astronomy and Physics Research and Analysis” to “Astrophysics Research and Analysis.”

Two contact names listed at the end of the program element have been updated: The APRA Lead Program Officer is now Dr. Linda Sparke (202) 358-7335, E-mail: Linda Sparke and that for Gravitational Astrophysics is now Dr. Michael Salamon (202) 358-0441, E-mail: Michael Salamon.

Most of the estimates of numbers of new selections and funding given in Section 2.1 have been changed, and some small modifications have been made to the text. Changed text within Appendix D.3 is indicated in bold.


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