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ROSES 2009 Clarifications, corrections and amendments

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These are SARA's unofficial versions.  The official version is always what appears in the text of the program element on the NSPIRES web page.

  • Amendment 9: a new proposal opportunity in Appendix A.39: ESSP Venture-class Science Investigations: Earth Venture-1

    Amendment 9 establishes a new program element in Appendix A.39 entitled “ESSP Venture-class Science Investigations: Earth Venture-1.” This call solicits proposals for complete suborbital science investigations to conduct innovative, integrated, hypothesis or scientific question-driven approaches to Earth system science, involving temporally sustained data acquisition.

  • Amendment 8: a revised version of Appendix D.10, MOST U.S. Guest Observer – Cycle 2

    The new version of Appendix D.10 replaces the previous text in its entirety. Changes from last year: The schedule and anticipated funding level for Cycle 2 have been updated, a modified submission process for observing targets is presented, and a summary table of key information has been added.

  • D.11 Correction

    The annual budget for D.11, Technology Development for Exoplanet Missions, is $2.6M per year.

  • Amendment 7: a new version of Appendix D.6, Swift Guest Investigator – Cycle 6

    The main changes from Cycle 5 AO are: 1) the number of monitoring proposals is less constrained, 2) the budget ceiling for “Fill-in” target proposals has been halved to $20K, 3) the page limit for proposals in the “High-redshift” GRB category has been raised from 4 to 6 pages and their budget ceiling increased, 4) the definition and limits of time-constrained observations have been added, 5) contact information has been updated, and 6) due dates have changed: proposals are due 9/30/2009.

  • A.28 Correction

    A.28, Science Definition Team for the CLARREO Mission, point of contact has changed from Donald Anderson to Kenneth Jucks

  • A.11 Correction

    A.11, Modeling, Analysis, and Prediction, point of contact has changed from Donald Anderson to David Considine.

  • A.30 Correction

    A.30 Decision Support through Earth Science Research Results will not be solicited in ROSES 2009.

  • A.31 Correction

    A.31 Earth Science Applications Feasibility Studies will not be solicited in ROSES 2009.

  • A.22 Correction

    A.22 (IDS) point of contact has changed from William Emanuel to Thomas Wagner.

  • Amendment 6: New proposal opportunity in Appendix D.11: Technology Development for Exoplanet Missions

    Amendment 6 creates Appendix D.11: Technology Development for Exoplanet Missions, to develop specific technologies (TRL 4-6) that feed into key exoplanet exploration measurement techniques.

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