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ROSES 2011 Clarifications, corrections and amendments Amendment 15 Final Text for Appendix D.5, Swift Guest Investigator – Cycle 8

Description: Amendment 15 announces that proposals will be solicited for Appendix D.5, Swift Guest Investigator – Cycle 8 and provides the final text for the solicitation. Proposals are due September 28, 2011.

The Swift Guest Investigator (GI) Program solicits proposals for basic research relevant to the Swift gamma-ray burst mission. The primary goal of this mission is to determine the origin of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and use these bursts to probe the early universe. Swift is also a valuable asset for obtaining multi-wavelength images, spectra, and light curves on interesting Targets of Opportunity (ToOs) and other non-transient sources.

The Swift GI program is intended to provide the following to participating scientists: funding to carry out investigations using Swift data, to conduct correlative observations at other wavelengths, and to conduct theoretical investigations in support of Swift observations; involvement with the Swift science team in the analysis and interpretation of GRB data obtained with the observatory; rapid, time-critical multi-wavelength follow-up observations on unique astrophysical ToOs; and multi-wavelength non-ToO observations on compelling astrophysical sources.

The main changes from Cycle 7 are the introduction of a new category of Large proposals and the fact that funding is no longer provided for proposals in the “Fill-in” category. We still anticipate higher funding levels for proposals in the “High-redshift” category compared to other proposals.

Proposals are due September 28, 2011.

Further information about this program element is available from Dr. Ilana M. Harrus at or (202) 358-1250.


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