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ROSES 2011 Clarifications, corrections and amendments Amendment 40: Cancelation of Appendix E.5 and E.6 March due dates

Description: Amendment 40 cancels the second (March) due dates in ROSES-2011 for Appendixes E.5 and E.6: the Supplemental Education and Public Outreach Programs, respectively.

The Supplemental Education and Public Outreach (EPO) Programs were designed to allow SMD-funded researchers to design efforts that capitalize upon their own talents, interests, and scientific expertise. By adding an Education or Outreach component to their research investigation, they could engage the public in the excitement of NASA’s scientific exploration of our home planet, the solar system, and the rest of the universe through stimulating and informative activities that reach a broad and varied audience.

The proposed budget for the SMD Education and Public Outreach program is fully subscribed with selected activities; additional EPO supplement selections cannot be accommodated within the proposed budget. This amendment cancels the second (i.e., March 2012) due date for proposals to Appendixes E.5 and E.6.

No proposals will be accepted for the March 2012 due dates.

Further information about this program element is available from Stephanie Stockman at or 202-358-0040.


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