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ROSES 2012 Clarifications, corrections and amendments Clarification to ROSES 12 Summary of Solicitation regarding Public Law 112-10 restrictions involving PRC

Description: We have updated the language in the Summary of Solicitation regarding Public Law 112-10 which specifies that FY 2011 & FY 2012 funding cannot be used for work involves bilateral activity with organizations in the Peoples Republic of China. Also, a link is provided to a FAQ on the SARA web page.

The Science Mission Directorate will not be funding new or continuing awards that involve the bilateral participation, collaboration, or coordination with China or any Chinese-owned company or entity, whether funded or performed under a no-exchange-of-funds arrangement.

Please see the clarified text in Section IIIc of the ROSES-12 Summary of Solicitation and the new FAQ on this subject at

Inquiries regarding existing awards should be directed to cognizant contracting officers and inquiries regarding solicitations should be directed to the NASA point of contact for that solicitation. For ROSES 2012 all questions should be directed to


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