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ROSES 2013 Clarifications, corrections and amendments Change in expected number of new awards diminished for Appendix E.3, OSS.

Description: April 26, 2013. In Appendix E.3, Origins of Solar Systems the expected program budget for first year of new awards and number of new awards pending adequate proposals of merit appearing in the Summary of Key Information have been diminished.

The selection rate for the Planetary Science Division (PSD) part of last year's (2012) Origins of Solar Systems program was ~10%, half of what it was it has been in recent years. We don't expect the selection rate to improve this year, and at the present time we must assume that the budget situation will be similar next fiscal year, so we felt it important to communicate the situation to proposers to theROSES 2013 Origins call. To reflect this new reality, we have diminished the expected funding amounts for new selections in the summary table of key information at the end of the call.

Questions concerning this message regarding the Planetary Science Division portion of Appendix E.3, The Origins of Solar System Program, may be addressed to Christina Richey or Max Bernstein at


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