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ROSES 2013 Clarifications, corrections and amendments Amendment 42: Cancelation of Appendix C.8 LASER

Description: Amendment 42 removes Appendix C.8 The Lunar Advanced Science and Exploration Research program from ROSES 2013 but it is being replaced by new calls in ROSES 2014.

The Lunar Advanced Science and Exploration Research (LASER) program funds basic and applied lunar science. The objective of the LASER program was to conduct a suite of lunar science investigations spanning the continuum from basic science to applied exploration science. Proposals having significant components of both basic and applied lunar science that further our understanding of the Moon and how to conduct science there are sought and highly encouraged.
When ROSES 2013 was released a year ago it included the LASER call with had a due date in spring 2014. Since the Planetary Science Division has reorganized it’s research program (see this call is redundant with new calls that will be released this year. Proposers to LASER should look for ROSES 2014 Appendix C.8, the Lunar Data Analysis Program (LDAP) program, as well as ROSES 2014 Appendices C.2, Emerging Worlds, C.3, The Solar System Workings program, and C.7, Planetary Data Archiving, Restoration, and Tools.
Questions concerning this amendment and Appendix C.8, LASER, may be directed to Robert Fogel at and (202) 358-2289.


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