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ROSES 2014 Clarifications, corrections and amendments Amendment 16: Final text for C.7, PDART

Description: ROSES-14 Amendment 16 releases final text for C.7, Planetary Data Archiving, Restoration, and Tools.

ROSES-14 Amendment 16 releases final text for C.7, The Planetary Data Archiving, Restoration, and Tools Program
The Planetary Data Archiving, Restoration, and Tools (PDART) solicits proposals to generate higher-order data products, archive and restore data sets or products, create or consolidate reference databases, digitize data, and develop or validate software tools.
The objective of this program element is to increase the amount and quality of archived data and data products available for planetary science research and exploration and to produce tools that would enable or enhance future scientific investigations. Although it is expected that a small amount of data analysis or modeling may be performed to validate any generated products, this program element does not accept proposals in which the main focus is a scientific investigation
This amendment presents the final text, which replaces the prior placeholder text in its entirety. Proposals to this program will be taken by a two-step process, in which the Notice of Intent is replaced by a required Step-1 proposal submitted by an organization Authorized Organizational Representative. Only proposers who submit a Step-1 proposal are eligible to submit a Step-2 (full) proposal. See Section 3 for details. Step-1 proposals are due July 14, 2014, and Step-2 proposals are due September 12, 2014.
Questions concerning C.7, PDART, may be addressed to
Michael Kelley – Lead Point of Contact at
Michael New – Discipline Scientist at
Sarah Noble – Discipline Scientist at


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