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ROSES 2016 Clarifications, corrections and amendments

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  • Amendment 17: B.10 Heliophysics U.S. Participating Investigator

    Amendment 17 Released a new Opportunity in Program Element B.10, Heliophysics U.S. Participating Investigator. Step-1 proposals are by August 16, 2016, and Step-2 proposals are due by October 14, 2016. The POC is Dan Moses who may be reached at

  • Amendment 16: New opportunity in A.49 IceBridge Science Team and Cancelation of A.14 Cryospheric Science

    Amendment 16 announces that program element A.14 Cryospheric Science will not be solicited but releases a new program element in A.49 IceBridge Science Team.

  • C.11 DDAP data products archiving language clarified

    The language on archiving of data products in C.11 Discovery Data Analysis the requirements on has been modified for clarity and to make them more consistent with requirements in the other Data Analysis program elements. See Section 1.2. The due dates are unchanged. New text is in bold, deleted text is struck through.

  • Amendment 15: A.23 releasing Weather and Atmospheric Dynamics

    On or about Tuesday May 31, Amendment 15 will release program element A.23 Weather and Atmospheric Dynamics. NOIs are requested by July 15, 2016, and proposals are due by September 15, 2016.

  • Amendment 14: A.31 AVIRIS on hold

    In order to allow sufficient time for the distribution and subsequent processing of the AVIRIS-NG data, the proposal due date for this solicitation is delayed until further notice. Please monitor this site for updates. The final due date for proposals will be no less than 45 days after the announcement of the resumption of the program.

  • C.21 SIMPLEx placeholder program element

    Small Innovative Missions for Planetary Exploration will be solicited later in 2016. Due dates are currently TBD.

  • Amendment 13: PPR temporarily TBD

    Planetary Protection Research has been temporarily changed to TBD. The proposal due date will be announced by an amendment at least 90 days prior to the due date.

  • Clarification and correction to C.17 PME

    C.17 Planetary Major Equipment Section 4.1.2 on DMPs has been clarified and a typo corrected.

  • Amendment 12: A.46 Eco Forecasting allows shorter duration awards and due date delayed

    Amendment 12 allows proposals for Applications Project awards with durations of less than four years to the Ecological Forecasting program, which previously specified four-year awards. Proposers should carefully read the new text in Section 3.3.1, which presents some caveats and implications of this change. Proposals are now due by June 30, 2016, and the Planning start date has been delayed to October 1, 2016.

  • Amendment 11: New Opportunity in Program Element A.48 Space Geodesy Research Program

    Amendment 11 creates a new opportunity in Program Element A.48 Space Geodesy Research Program. Notices of Intent (NOIs) are requested by June 15, 2016, and proposals are due by August 15, 2016

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