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Letters from SARA August 15th, 2008

Description: First letter from the new SARA, new SMD org chart, bar graph of selection times.

Dear Colleagues,

Since Yvonne's last letter from SARA a month ago, and her departure from NASA HQ, we have all missed her both personally and professionally. It is with a strong sense of loss at her absence, gratitude for all of her hard work, and a determination to do my best to keep up her tradition of serving the science community, that I write this letter to you. Since SARA arrived in Washington over a year ago both the AA and SARA have switched, but one thing hasn't changed: SARA is working hard so that you can spend more time doing the science that forwards the goals of NASA and widens the eyes of kids, and less time wrestling with what Dr. Weiler calls "administrivia."

We are doing our best to keep up SARA web page, maintaining information about solicitations so you are aware of the grant opportunities, and statistics so you can see that we are evaluating proposals faster. Please visit the what's new page to see what has changed lately on the web page. There have been personnel changes amongst the program officers which may matter more to you than those in the front office reflected in the new org chart: Ilana Harrus and Padi Boyd have come to HQ as new program officers, Pam Marcum has left, as has Charles Holmes who's role in Heliophysics has been taken over by Jeff Hayes. There will be other changes in the roster of program officers in the coming weeks. The SMD program officers have been working very hard to get out the funds earlier this year and they have been so successful that, ironically, the procurement officers were overwhelmed. But NSSC has brought in extra people and they are working down the backlog. As always, I am here to help. If something goes wrong please let me know.

Max Bernstein (a.k.a. SARA)


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