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Letters from SARA July 28, 2009

Description: Topics: upcoming changes to NSPIRES, program officer contact information, grant statistics and grant solicitations.

Dear Colleagues,

This is the letter from SARA, a short update for NASA scientists.  A web version of this email, with hypertext links, can be found at and you can also subscribe to the web version of this letter via RSS feed.

I want to focus on the big change coming on August 8 to NSPIRES, the web page through which proposals are submitted us here at NASA.  For proposals due on or after August 8, 2009 all team members (e.g., Co-Investigators, Collaborators, etc.) must officially agree to participate on a proposal online through the NSPIRES web page. If a team member is invited to participate, but they don't confirm their participation online, then the PI will have to remove them for the proposal to be submitted. Since NSPIRES is not always intuitive I have created a couple guides relating to this online participation process with screen captures. These guides can be downloaded as PDF files from my FAQ page at

As always, many updates have been made to the SARA web page, including the list of program officer contact information, the latest grant statistics, and grant solicitations. You can now easily keep track of all Amendments, clarifications, and corrections to ROSES 2009 through a convenient ROSES 2009 RSS feed.

Max Bernstein


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