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To be eligible for a Roman Fellowship award, proposal PIs must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a recent Ph.D. recipient, defined as having graduated on or after January 1 of a year that is no more than seven years before the issuance date of Roman Fellowship call. Individuals who have interrupted their careers for substantive reasons, such as family leave or serious health problems, and are more than seven years beyond the receipt of their Ph.D. degrees, may also be eligible.  These applicants are encouraged to obtain prior concurrence from NASA before proposal submission.
  • Be in an early career position such as a postdoctoral, tenure-track, term civil service, or an equivalent non-tenured position, as long as the employing institution assumes the responsibility of submitting the proposal with the individual as the proposed PI.  In the event that a proposer’s institution does not allow non-tenured faculty or postdoctoral researchers to apply independently for NASA grants, the proposal may include a mentor as the “Institutional PI” with the fellowship applicant as the “Science PI,” as outlined in Section 1.4.2 of the NASA Guidebook for Proposers.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or have lawful status of permanent residency (i.e., holder of a U.S. Permanent Resident Card, also referred to as the Green Card) in order to support the Roman Fellowship goal of fostering new talent by putting early-career instrument builders on a trajectory towards long-term positions at a U.S. institution.
    • The prospective fellow may submit a proposal to Roman Fellowship if he or she is reasonably certain that the Green Card will be in hand soon after the proposal submission. The evaluation of proposals and announcement of selection takes approximately three-four months. NASA will not make an award if the submitting institution cannot certify the prospective fellow’s eligibility.
  • Not hold or have held a career civil service, tenure, or equivalent position on or before the submission deadline of this program.
    • Both career conditional and career tenure civil servant appointments are referred to in this solicitation as simply career civil servants.  The Roman Fellowship program does not differentiate between these two types of appointments.
  • Not be a current or former recipient of the Roman Fellowship or a PECASE award.