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The one-year Concept Studies are intended for the fellow to develop more definitive information regarding the cost, risk, and feasibility of the proposed investigation. The content and format of the Concept Study proposal should follow the NASA Guidebook for Proposers with the following additional guidance:

  • The proposal should include a rough estimate of the budget required for the four-year Development Effort, in addition to the detailed budget for the Concept Study.
  • The proposal should include a letter from the host institution indicating it recognizes that a substantial institutional commitment for laboratory space and other institutional resources will be required for the four-year Development Effort.  The proposal should also contain a plan for obtaining firm institutional commitments for such laboratory space and other institutional resources that will be required for the subsequent four-year Development Effort.
  • The proposal time period should be two years, but only request support for up to one year.  Support beyond the first year will be contingent upon a successful request, submitted nine-months after the award of the Concept Study, for entering the four-year Development Effort.

The award amount for the Concept Study is judged according to the scope of the proposed work and the overall competition.  Funds may be used for fellow’s salary; support of students (undergraduate or graduate) and/or postdoctoral fellows who are involved in the proposed research; research expenses such as costs incurred in field experiments; purchase of equipment and/or supplies, computing, travel, etc.  If research collaboration is a component of the proposal, it is presumed that the collaborator(s) have their own means of research support; that is, a Roman Fellowship award may not include expenses for personnel or activities at collaborating institutions, nor salary costs for other senior personnel.