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  • Lightningposition in storm may circle strongest updrafts

    June 11, 1999

    Much of the Lightningin a storm is inside the clouds, but new findings show it surrounds the most intense areas, rather than bunching at the heart. Better detection and better knowledge will lead to better prediction and more accurate warnings.

  • Galileo's No Turkey

    Nov. 28, 1999

    NASA's Galileo spacecraft survived another daring encounter with Io on Thanksgiving Day, but not before giving ground controllers something to worry about.

  • You have to break a few (hundred) eggs to make a good crystal

    Sept. 20, 1999

    Scientists find that even when conditions are ideal, nature puts protein crystal quality "on the curve." But that discovery could become a tool for choosing the best proteins for space-based studies.

  • Scientists mourn loss of gifted colleague

    Nov. 23, 1999

    Astrophysicists in Huntsville and around the world are mourning the death on Nov. 2 of Dr. Johannes "Jan" van Paradijs, one of the world's leading astrophysicists.

  • Leonids in the Crystal Ball

    Oct. 27, 1999

    Most experts agree that 1999 is a likely year for a full-fledged Leonids meteor storm. Other forecasters think that better displays could be in store for 2000 - 2002. Whatever the case, the place to be before dawn on November 18, 1999 is outdoors and looking up!

  • NASA applying space technology to help farmers diagnose fields

    Nov. 8, 1999

    An eye in the sky and instruments in the dirt are teamed to help scientists and farmers figure out the best way to nurture crops. At least one preliminary result shows a striking correlation between an image and, two months later, crop yield.

  • Autopsy of an explosion

    March 26, 1999

    Scientists may be closer to unravelling the mystery of Gamma-ray Burststhanks to one of the most powerful cosmic explosions ever recorded.

  • Turning blueprints into watercolors

    Aug. 3, 1999

    A Science@NASA writer shares notes from a science writing workshop, where writers honed their skills at turning scientific facts into readable prose.

  • Space Weatherrocket ready for launch

    Jan. 19, 1999

    A NASA rocket is poised to blast off from Norway to study Space Weatherhigh above the Arctic circle.