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  • Even Homes in Space Need a Door

    July 6, 2001

    A new airlock soon to be installed on the International Space Stationis critical for assembly and maintenance of the orbiting outpost.

  • Samples of the Future

    Aug. 15, 2001

    The advanced space ships of tomorrow will be crafted from far-out materials with extraordinary resistance to the harsh environment of space. An experiment strapped to the outside of the ISS aims to put such materials through their paces.

  • Sizzling CometsCircle a Dying Star

    July 11, 2001

    Astronomers have detected a massive cloud of water vapor around an aging star. It could be the telltale sign of innumerable dying Cometsand a glimpse of things to come in our own solar system.

  • Explosions on the Moon

    Nov. 30, 2001

    During the 2001 Leonid meteor storm, astronomers observed a curious flash on The Moon-- a telltale sign of meteoroids hitting the lunar surface and exploding.

  • Space Weatheron Mars

    May 1, 2001

    Future human explorers of Mars can leave their umbrellas back on Earth, but perhaps they shouldn't forget their Geiger counters! A NASA experiment en route to The Red Planetaims to find out.

  • Horse Flies and Meteors

    Aug. 9, 2001

    Like bugs streaking down the side window of a moving car, long and colorful Perseid Earthgrazers could put on a remarkable show before midnight on August 11th.

  • Gravity Hurts (So Good)

    Aug. 2, 2001

    Strange things happen to the body when humans venture into space and the familiar pull of gravity vanishes. Scientists say exercise is the key to adapting to life in orbit -- and returning to Earth.

  • Where No Telescope Has Gone Before

    June 7, 2001

    Astronomers at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center have captured the first focused hard x-ray images of the cosmos, opening a new window of the electromagnetic spectrum for practical exploration.

  • Aphelion Away!

    July 3, 2001

    On the 4th of July, Earth will lie at its greatest distance from the Sun -- an annual event astronomers call "aphelion." But don't expect any sudden relief from the heat.

  • Teaming Up on Space Plants

    May 10, 2001

    This week students, scientists, and Astronautswill join forces to learn more about how plants grow on the International Space Station.