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SSU graphics & release

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Magnetar graphics

933KB Quicktime movie showing scientist's concept of a magnetic reconnection-driven burst (like the August 27th burst) from a magnetar. credit: Dr. Robert Mallozzi of University of Alabama/Huntsville and NASA

720x480-pixel, 96KB JPG

Few callouts720x480, 64KB
No callouts 2,000x2,000, 267KB

720x480-pixel, 69KB JPG

History of magnetars
853x667-pixel, 101KB JPG
Acrobat PDF

720x486-pixel, 83KB JPG
More details
2745x2026-pixel, 384K B&W JPG
40KB Acrobat PDF

720X486-pixel, 112KB GIF

With RA & Dec information
532x581-pixel, 102KB JPEG

720x486-pixel, 30KB JPG

With RA & Dec information
532x581-pixel, 102KB JPEG

720x486-pixel, 124KB JPG
1047x607-pixel, 243KB JPG

720x486-pixel, 87K JPG
1200x1200-pixel, 78K JPG

720x486-pixel, 34KB JPG
2100x2483-pixel, 389KB color JPG
2100x2361-pixel, 261K B&W JPG
11K Acrobat PDF

1024x768 pixel, 561KB tiff
1024x768 pixel, 80KB JPG

1024x768 pixel, 541KB tiff
1024x768 pixel 80KB jpg


2048x2048-pixel, 3.2MB TIFF

2048x1536-pixel, 2.1MB TIFF

2048x1536-pixel, 2 MB TIFF

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