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Astrophysics - Stars Topics

  • Of Skunks and Telescopes

    2007April 6, 2011

    This human interest story describes a night in the life of scientists and engineers working 'round the clock to test NASA's next great space telescope.

  • Christmas Eve Sky Show

    2007April 6, 2011

    Consider it an early Christmas gift: On Dec. 24th The Moonand Mars are putting on a beautiful late-night sky show.

  • Thinking Big About Space Telescopes

    2007April 6, 2011

    NASA's next Moon rocket is still on the drawing board, but already scientists are dreaming up big new things to do with it--such as launching giant telescopes into space.

  • The Distant Sun

    2002April 6, 2011

    Earth reaches its greatest distance from the Sun (aphelion) during the 4th of July holiday weekend. Curiously, our planet is globally warmer when it is farther from the Sun.

  • Flying Telescope Passes Key Test

    2010April 6, 2011

    Most astronomers wouldn't dream of opening their observatory's doors in 100 mph winds. Yet NASA's new SOFIA telescope recently flew in an airplane at 250 mph with doors wide open.

  • Mystery of the Giant Ribbon, Solved?

    2010April 6, 2011

    Evidence is mounting that a strong magnetic field lurks just beyond the edge of the solar system. This could explain the recent discovery of a "giant ribbon" in space by NASA's IBEX spacecraft.

  • Why Won't the Supernova Explode?

    2010April 6, 2011

    NASA is building a new space telescope named "NuSTAR" to answer a question that has been vexing astrophysicists for decades: Why won't the supernova explode?

  • Close Encounter with Mars

    2010April 6, 2011

    This week Earth and Mars are having a close encounter. On Jan. 27th, The Red Planetwill be only 99 million kilometers away and look bigger through a telescope than at any time between 2008 and 2014.

  • Alien Planet Safari

    2010April 6, 2011

    NASA's next great observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope, is designed to study stars and galaxies. Astronomers are beginning to realize, however, that Webb will make a great planet hunter too.

  • The 2009 Leonid Meteor Shower

    2009April 6, 2011

    The 2009 Leonid meteor shower peaks on Nov. 17th with a sprinkling of Meteorsover North America and a possible outburst over Asia.