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  • Sunset Planets

    2005April 6, 2011

    Venus, Jupiterand the crescent Moon are gathering for a beautiful sunset sky show.

  • A Rare Meeting of Planets and Spaceships

    2010April 6, 2011

    Something special is happening this weekend. Venus and the Moon are gathering for a sunset conjunction on Saturday and Sunday, May 15 and 16. On the same nights, the ISS is going to be flying over many US towns and cities. And if Atlantis launches on schedule--wow! People could witness a very rare meeting of the shuttle, station, Venus and the Moon. Details and observing tips may be found in today's story from Science@NASA.

  • Biggest Full Moon of the Year: Take 2

    2009April 6, 2011

    The biggest full Moon of 2009 is coming this weekend. It's a perigee Moon as much as 30% brighter than lesser moons we'll see in the months ahead. Get ready for moonlight!

  • Pretty Sky Alert

    2009April 6, 2011

    The crescent Moon and Venus are converging for a conjunction of rare beauty on Friday evening, Feb. 27th.

  • Spectacular Photo-op on Saturn

    2009April 6, 2011

    Something is about to happen on Saturn that is so pretty, even Hubble will pause to take a look. Backyard astronomers can see it, too. Four of Saturn's moons will transit Saturn and cast their shadows on the planet's cloudtops at the same time.

  • Green Comet Approaches Earth

    2009April 6, 2011

    Comet Lulin is approaching Earth for a 38-million-mile close encounter later this month. The green double-tailed comet is putting on a fine show for backyard telescopes and could soon become visible to the unaided eye.

  • Venus Disappears During Meteor Shower

    2009April 6, 2011

    A meteor shower. A crescent Moon. A disappearing planet. These three things will be on display next Wednesday, April 22nd, when The Moonoccults Venus during the annual Lyrid meteor shower.

  • Weekend Sky Show

    2009April 6, 2011

    On Sunday, April 26th, the crescent Moon, Mercury and the Pleiades star cluster will line up in the western sky for a beautiful sunset conjunction.

  • Giant Planet Power Breakfast

    2000April 6, 2011

    Jupiterand Saturn have spent much of the last two months hidden in the bright glare of the Sun. Now they are rising before dawn and are visible again with the naked eye. This week, the slender crescent moon will join the pair for a dazzling show in the sky before sunrise.

  • Watch Out for the Harvest Moon

    2000April 6, 2011

    The Harvest Moon, arguably the most famous Full Moon of the year, arrives on Wednesday, Sept. 13th. Check out this story to discover what makes the Harvest Moon special and to ponder the possibility of Harvest Moons on another planet.