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Solar System Topics

  • Divining Water on Europa

    1999April 6, 2011

    Circumstantial evidence for water on Europa continues to mount as JPL scientists try an ingenious experiment to find hexagonal water-ice crystals on the frigid surface of Jupiter's 4th moon.

  • Ode to a Grecian Conference

    1999April 6, 2011

    Black holes, neutron stars and other high energy phenomena were the focus of a NATO Institute held in Crete in June, 1999.

  • Galileo survives volcanic flyby

    1999April 6, 2011

    NASA's Galileo spacecraft has successfully zipped past Jupiter's moon Io, the most volcanic body in our solar system. This was the closest look at Io by any spacecraft, and Galileo's cameras were poised to capture the brief encounter.

  • Making up for Lost Leonids

    1999April 6, 2011

    The 1999 Geminids dazzled observers in North America, making up for a weak display of Leonids one month earlier. Another meteor shower is just 3 weeks away.

  • The Great Leonid Meteor Stormlet of 1997

    1999Sept. 20, 2011

    Newly released video shows a flurry of Leonids in 1997 that briefly rivaled the great meteor storm of 1966.

  • It's Real!

    1999April 6, 2011

    By observing the transit of a planet across the face of a distant star, astronomers prove that planets exist outside our solar system. The amount of dimming of the star's light also gives the first-ever estimate of the size and density of an extrasolar planet.

  • Great Geminids!

    1999April 6, 2011

    On December 13 and 14, 1999, fragments of the mysterious asteroid 3200 Phaethon will strike Earth's atmosphere and produce a beautiful sky show. The Geminids offer the last chance in 1999 for skywatchers to view a dazzling meteor shower. Follow the action at

  • Chandra Spies Structure of Huge X-Ray Jets

    1999April 6, 2011

    A new image of the Centaurus A galaxy shows x-ray jets as long as our whole galaxy is wide. The image helps give new insight into what happens when galaxies collide.

  • Star Wars by Moonlight

    1999April 6, 2011

    Venus and The Moonwill put on a dazzling show for moviegoers May 17 through May 19.

  • Sunrise at the South Pole

    1999April 6, 2011

    Today's autumnal equinox heralds the dawn of a new day at the South Pole as Earth joins three other planets in the solar system where it is autumn in the northern hemisphere.