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Solar System - Moon Topics

  • What Next, Galapagos?

    2001April 6, 2011

    The worst of the recent fuel spill in the Galapagos has passed ... or has it? Researchers plan to use NASA satellite data to keep an eye on the islands' unique ecosystem.

  • Amazing GRACE

    2001April 6, 2011

    A pair of satellites will soon begin mapping tiny variations in Earth's gravity, allowing scientists to track the motions of mass around and beneath the globe for the first time.

  • All the World's a Stage ... for Dust

    2001Sept. 20, 2011

    Tune in to a NASA website and watch giant dust clouds as they ride global rivers of air, cross-pollinating continents with topsoil and microbes.

  • A Greener Planetary Greenhouse

    2001Sept. 20, 2011

    In recent years Earth-orbiting satellites have seen plants growing more vigorously than usual over northern parts of our planet.

  • Planetary Waves Break Ozone Holes

    2001April 6, 2011

    Most of the world's ozone-destroying pollutants come from the northern half of our planet. Yet Earth's yawning ozone hole straddles the south pole -- not the north. Why? Read this and find out!

  • Fighting Wildfires Before They Start

    2001April 6, 2011

    Using space-based satellite data and sophisticated computer programs, scientists are learning more about capricious wildfires -- including where they're likely to start and what we can do to prevent them.

  • 181 Things to do on the Moon

    2007Sept. 20, 2011

    If you woke up tomorrow morning and found yourself on the moon, what would you do? NASA has just released a list of 181 good ideas.

  • Dusty Hurricanes

    2007April 6, 2011

    What happens to a hurricane when it gets hit by a dust storm? This is an important question because Atlantic hurricanes are born not far from the Sahara desert. To find the answer, NASA scientists recently flew into a dusty hurricane.

  • Floods! Fire! SERVIR!

    2007April 6, 2011

    When deadly floods struck Panama last November, a space-age "situation room" named SERVIR helped save lives.

  • Flying Into a Thunderstorm

    2007April 6, 2011

    This month in the skies above Costa Rica, scientists are flying into thunderclouds to learn more about the inner workings of furious storms.