Michael Pasciuto

is the lead for space flight validation projects in the Earth Science Division’s Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO). He has managed all of ESTO’s space flight validation efforts which have included payloads to the International Space Station and partnerships with the DoD and private industry to fly technology payloads on free-flyers. He currently manages all of ESTO’s CubeSat efforts including the Earth Science Division’s In-space Validation of Earth Science Technology (InVEST) program. 

He previously worked in the aerospace industry where he was responsible for the requirements and design of various DoD and NASA missions including the Hubble Space Telescope Science Institute as well as the Space Telescope science and operations ground system.  He came to NASA Headquarters in 1988 where he worked on Space Station Freedom and then in the Office of Space Science Information and Communications Systems group. He later became the Hubble Space Telescope program manager for Servicing Mission 2.  He came to the Goddard Space Flight Center in 1996 to work in the Earth System Science Program Office and then in 1999 he joined the Earth Science Technology Office. 

He was born in New York City and has Bachelor of Science degrees in Physics and Mathematics from St John’s University in NY, 1962 and earned a Master of Science Degree in Physics from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, NY, in 1969.