Jun 2, 2016

Approval to Exceed Per Diem Lodging for MMS Science Workshop #1

"The purpose of this letter from SARA is to issue a waiver for grantees allowing them to be reimbursed out of their grants for their actual lodging (up to $199) although it’s expected to be above per diem.The hotels listed at for the MMS Science Team Meeting Sept 6-10 at UCLA all exceed the GSA lodging limit of $150 (plus tax) for LA for September 2016. After reviewing the situation, NASA's Heliophysics Division affirms that for MMS Science Workshop #1 (, travelers whose NASA SMD grants and cooperative agreements are subject to the Federal Travel Regulations may be reimbursed up to $199 plus tax per night. This waiver does not supercede the travel policy of an institution that is more restrictive. This may also apply to those traveling on NASA contracts, they should communicate with their contracting officers.”

- Max Bernstein, SMD lead for research