Jun 22, 2010

June 22, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

This is the letter from SARA, a short update for NASA scientists. Today I will tell you about how the contractors who handle the peer reviews are moving and the resulting down time for NSPIRES, changes in ROSES due dates etc. 

NASA recently competed contract that handles work associated with peer review, and the new contract is to begin at the start of August.  In July, during the transition period, there will be some interruption of services as offices, people, and computers are moved. For example:

  1. From 8 am EDT Thursday June 24, to 7 am Monday June 28, 2010, the regular NSPIRES help desk email ( will not be working.   To email the NSPIRES help desk during this period, please use nspires at gst dot com.  The help desk phone number (202-479-9376) will continue to be available during this period.
  2. The NSPIRES computer system, through which proposals and NOIs are submitted, will be moving and thus offline from Thursday July 15 through Sunday July 18. As a result the NOI due date for Appendix A.24 AOURDhas been changed to Thursday, July 22 and the due dates for B.8 HDEE and C.20 ASTEP have been moved to been changed to Friday, July 23.  The amendments making these changes, and also the delay of due date for proposals to Appendix D.5, the GALEX GI program can all be found at:

As always, many updates have been made to the SARA web page, including links to the Discovery Announcement of Opportunity and Call for comments on the Draft AOs for Explorer Missions and Explorer Missions of Opportunity on the solicitations page, and updates to the PO list.

Max Bernstein

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