Jul 29, 2010

July 29, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

This is the letter from SARA, a short update for NASA scientists. Today I will tell you about a change in how NASA Civil Servant (CS) salaries should be put into NSPIRES. This applies not only to proposals from NASA Centers, but also to all proposals that have NASA CS Co-Investigators, regardless of who is submitting the proposal.

Starting with C.24 Moon and Mars Analog Missions Activities and for all ROSES proposals due after mid August 2010, the NSPIRES web cover page budgets should no longer include the cost of NASA CS salaries. However, for the purpose of peer review, the proposal's detailed budget should continue show the total funding required, including CS salaries. In addition, the proposal's narrative must clearly indicate the NASA CS FTEs that are being applied to the proposed investigation. Please note that this does not apply to JPL scientist nor does it apply to civil servants from other government agencies, such as USGS.

To guide proposers when filling out the NSPIRES web cover page budgets a walk through with screen captures can be found as html at:, where it can also be downloaded as a PDF file. This is one of a few NSPIRES guides that can be found in the Max’s NSPIRES helpful hints section of the web site.

Max Bernstein