Nov 4, 2011

November 4, 2011

Dear Colleagues,

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP, an office of the President) recently released two requests for information about increasing public access to results of federally funded research, specifically, peer-reviewed publications and digital data resulting from federally funded scientific research. The idea is that OSTP is trying to assess what information should be accessible to the public, when, and how. For example, peer reviewed publications from NIH funding are available to the public in manuscript format a year after publication (via PMC), with links back to the official journal version. There is no such public electronic library for NASA (or any other Agency). Thus, access to articles depends on the publisher. For example, articles published in some journals e.g., The Astrophysical Journal (ApJ), become available after a year, even to those who don't have subscriptions. Those in some other journals never become available to those who don't have subscriptions. Since publishing papers and generating data are the major tangible products of the grants given by SMD we want to encourage our grantees to know about and respond to these RFIs.

For your convenience I have created these tiny URLs:

Publications RFI:
Digital Data RFI:
For more information on this topic see the links at the SARA science matters page.

Max Bernstein