Apr 8, 2013

April 5, 2013

Updated May 9th, 2013: Recently, Contracting Officers (CO) at Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) have been sending out guidance that applies to contracts via GSFC. The line is that all contractor conference travel that is directly charged to FY 2013 NASA $ must be reviewed by NASA. Obviously you should follow the instructions from your CO but do ask questions to make sure you understand. Please help your contracting officer understand the impact that this has on your work. This does not apply to grants and cooperative agreements and there is no indication that this applies to interagency funds transfers.

Dear Colleagues,

This letter is all about how the NASA Sequestration restrictions on travel don't apply to ROSES grants and cooperative agreements.

I have had questions from scientists with ROSES grants who have (incorrectly) been told that the NASA sequestration travel restrictions apply to them. That is simply not the case.

The new memo on "Consolidated Sequestration Guidance" released April 1st notes, in Attachment A1 on Travel (page 10 of the PDF), that the restriction only applies to NASA Civil Servants, JPL, and Contractors. Even contractors are apparently only included to the extent that NASA requires or directs conference participation. It explicitly says that this does not apply to:

  • NASA Grant and Cooperative Agreement recipients or sub-recipients
  • NASA Contractors and sub-contractors, other than JPL, that use non-NASA funds.

The memo adds that “…travel related to performance on contracts, grants and cooperative agreements and any other circumstances related to performance should continue. Any questions should be directed to the appropriate contracting officer or grants officer."

Thus, not only can grantees and coop scientists travel, but even contractors (other than JPL) are permitted to travel under many circumstances. I know some of you will have welcomed this excuse not to travel to your team meetings, but it’s a good bet that if your contract has not been modified, you still have to go. Contractors who are not sure should communicate with their CO. 

You can download Attachment A.1 from Consolidated Sequestration Guidance


If you want to see the official NASA web page from which this came see:

As always, the SARA web page has grant stats, contact information, and solicitation informationfor ROSES and other solicitations.


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