Sep 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Dear Colleagues,

This letter is all about the ways in which a US Government shutdown is expected to affect the SMD Research program.

If the government shuts down only research that requires access to government labs or participation of NASA personnel will have to halt. Most grants at universities and other non-NASA facilities will continue. I have been told that the Department of Health and Human Services’ Payment Management System will continue to operate, though with reduced staff presence, so that those grantees who can continue work will be able to continue drawing funds during shutdown.

If a Government shutdown occurs and continues, proposal due dates will be delayed to permit Government institutions and other affected offerors time to submit proposals after they return to work. We have already posted notices of our intentions on the NSPIRES pages of MDAP (due 10/4), H-GCR (due 10/11), and PMDAP (due 10/11), but official amendments delaying due dates will not go out until closer to those due dates and if the government remains shut down.

If the Government shuts down ROSES proposal peer review panels will be rescheduled.

The Mars 2020 AO may be affected in a number of ways, if the Government is shut down for some duration. The preproposal conference, scheduled for 10/8, may be rescheduled and the due date for NOIs (currently 10/15) could be delayed, if the government is still shut down closer to those dates.

Since NASA civil servants have been strictly and sternly warned against even volunteering any time, the program officers will not be able to respond to email or voicemail messages if the government is shutdown.

Finally, I have been told that all of our websites will not just become stale but will not be available. I recommend that you visit for the latest on due dates associated with our solicitations.


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