Feb 19, 2015

Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) 2015

Dear Colleagues,
This is the letter from SARA, a short update for NASA scientists. Our omnibus solicitation "Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences" (ROSES) for 2015 will be released on Friday February 13, 2015.

As always, we are calling for proposals on a wide range of basic and applied supporting research and technology in space and Earth sciences, including, but not limited to: theory, modeling, and analysis of SMD science data; aircraft, scientific balloon, sounding rocket, International Space Station, CubeSat and suborbital reusable launch vehicle investigations.  will take you to the main web page for ROSES where you can download PDF versions of ROSES and find links to tables of due dates and the new version of the guidebook for proposers.

Table 2 of individual programs in order of due date can be found at:
Table 3 of individual programs organized by subject area can be found at:

I have a frequently asked questions page at and the very first one in on what's new in ROSES this year. The main change is the new requirement for data management plans. We have an entire separate FAQ devoted just to this subject at

To track all updates, amendments and corrections to ROSES and subscribe to a convenient RSS feed see:

The names, email addresses and phone numbers of the program officers can be found at:

Max Bernstein