Sep 3, 2009

Amendment 18: Revised text and a new due date for Suzaku Guest Observer – Cycle 5

The Suzaku Guest Observer (GO) Program solicits proposals for basic research relevant to the joint Japanese-U.S. Suzaku X-ray observatory. The primary goal of this mission is to investigate the nature and physics of astrophysical objects as revealed through detailed observations of their high-energy emission. A broad range of astrophysical objects will be studied, including stars, X-ray binaries, diffuse galactic emission, active galactic nuclei, and clusters of galaxies. The Suzaku GO program is intended to facilitate the widest access of the U.S. astrophysics community to this highly capable observatory.  The program will make available the tools necessary for the submission of observing proposals and analysis of the resultant data. Funding will be provided to scientists awarded observing time on the observatory.

Amendment 18 presents a new proposal due date and revised text for Appendix D.7, The Suzaku GO Program. The major changes include: (1) The due date for proposals has changed to November 20, 2009. (2) In agreement with the mission host, the relative observing time allocations were changed, as shown in Section 1.2.3 of the text. (3) In addition to the Regular Projects permitted in prior ROSES announcements, the two new proposal classes (Long Programs and Key Projects) are introduced and described in sections 1.2.4, 2.1.1, and 2.1.4 of the text.

Notices of Intent to propose are due October 9, 2009, and proposals are due November 20, 2009. Table 2 and Table 3 of the Summary of Solicitation for this NRA have been updated to reflect this change.

Further information about this program element is available from Dr. Louis J. Kaluzienski, at (202) 358-0365 or Louis J. Kaluzienski.