Feb 17, 2010

Amendment 33: Appendix D.13, Strategic Astrophysics Technology will not be solicited in ROSES 2009

The SAT program solicits focused development of technologies that feed into and enable missions. The SAT program is not intended to support basic research into new technologies and demonstration of their feasibility, but to emphasize the maturation of key technologies that have already been identified and shown to be feasible.

Amendment 32 announces that Appendix D.13 Strategic Astrophysics Technology will not be solicited in ROSES 2009, but is included in ROSES 2010 as Appendix D.11. This step is taken to accommodate changes in the NASA Astrophysics Division's planned budget outlined in the President's fiscal year 2011 budget request, and reflects a strategy to apply constrained resources efficiently towards the highest priorities of the upcoming decadal survey in astronomy and astrophysics. This notice does not affect proposals selected previously under the auspices of the 2009 TDEM solicitation (ROSES 2009, appendix D.11), which will be funded as planned.

Questions about the SAT Program may be directed to the relevant Program Officers listed below:
TDEM: Dr. Douglas Hudgins; (202) 358-0988
TPCOS: Dr. Michael Salamon; (202) 358-0441
TCOP: Dr. Eric Smith; (202) 358-2439