Nov 15, 2010

Amendment 22: New proposal opportunity for ROSES-10 in Appendix D.13: Kepler Participating Scientist Program

This program element solicits proposals for the Kepler Participating Scientists Program (PSP). The Kepler PSP is designed to augment the skill set of the Kepler Science Team, thereby enabling it to more effectively execute the science program of the mission. Participating Scientists serve as members of the Kepler Science Team and participate in Science Team activities such as data processing and analysis, transit candidate follow-up and characterization, and publication.

The Kepler PSP is complementary to, but distinct from, the Kepler Guest Observer (GO) program. The Kepler GO program offers the opportunity for members of the scientific community to select targets of general astrophysical interest in the Kepler field-of-view (both stellar and non-stellar), in pursuit of investigations that fall outside of the scope of the Kepler Science Team. Kepler GOs are solicited under Appendix D.9 of the ROSES 2010 NRA.

Notices of Intent to propose are due January 7, 2011. Proposals are due February 11, 2011.

Further information about this program element is available from Douglas Hudgins - (202) 358-0988.