Feb 26, 2010

Clarification of the ROSES 2010 Summary of Solicitation

To the ROSES 2010 Summary of solicitation Section IV (b) (ii) Proposal Format and Contents (page 11) the following text has been added to clarify the SMD policy regarding font sizes in ROSES proposals: Proposals submitted in response to ROSES are permitted 15 characters per inch, typical of font Times New Roman 12, and consistent with our Announcements of Opportunity. This requirement applies to body text and figure captions, but it does not apply to text within figures and tables, which may be smaller but must still be judged by the reviewers to be readable. This more permissive standard regarding font sizes supersedes that in Section 2.2 of NASA Guidebook for Proposers. Questions and comments about the policies of this NRA may be directed to Max Bernstein (email Max at SARA).