Oct 5, 2011

Amendment 27: New proposal opportunity, A.44 Hurricane Science Research Program.

A major goal of NASA's Hurricane Science Research Program (HSRP) is to better understand the physical processes that control hurricane intensity change. We define intensity change broadly, including the intensification of a tropical disturbance into a tropical cyclone, further intensification into a hurricane, including the more specific case of rapid intensification, and significant decreases in intensity. Important general science questions that the HSRP seeks to answer include:
1.      What impact does the large-scale environment, particularly the Saharan Air Layer (SAL), have on intensity change?
2.      What is the role of storm internal processes such as deep convective towers?
3.      To what extent are these intensification processes predictable?
This amendment presents a new opportunity in Appendix A.44, the Hurricane Science Research Program (HSRP). The due date for Notices of Intent is Tuesday, November 15, 2011. The due date for proposals is Friday, January 6, 2012.

Questions concerning A.44 HSRP may be addressed to Ramesh Kakar at or (202) 358-0240.