Apr 26, 2011

Amendment 5, final text for Appendix C.16, Planetary Instrument Definition and Development (PIDD)

The Planetary Instrument Definition and Development Program (PIDDP) supports the advancement of spacecraft-based instrument technology that shows promise for use in scientific investigations on future planetary missions. The goal of the program is not to develop flight-qualified hardware, but rather to define and develop scientific instruments or components of such instruments to the point where the instruments may be proposed in response to future announcements of flight opportunity without additional extensive technology development. Results of PIDDP have contributed to the development of flight hardware flown on, or selected for, many of NASA¹s planetary missions. The proposed instrument technology must address specific scientific objectives of likely future science missions. This amendment presents the revised text for PIDDP, Appendix C.16 of ROSES-2011. This text replaces in its entirety the draft text released with ROSES-11. Please note that proposals submitted to Appendix C.19 Astrobiology Science and Technology for Instrument Development and Appendix C.16, PIDD, will be reviewed together and thus, if identical proposals are submitted to both programs, only one will be reviewed. The due date for PIDD Notices of Intent remains unchanged at July 15, 2011, but the due date for proposals has been changed to August 26, 2011. Questions concerning PIDD proposals may be addressed to: Janice Buckner at or (202) 358-0183.