Jul 22, 2011

Amendment 16: New Call, Appendix C.26: the GRAIL Guest Scientist Program

The goals of the GRAIL Guest Scientist Program (GSP) are to: a) enhance the scientific return from the GRAIL mission by broadening participation in the mission, and b) augment the existing GRAIL science team to include new members conducting investigations that broaden and/or complement the funded Principal Investigator (PI)-led investigations, thus maximizing the contribution of GRAIL to the future exploration and scientific understanding of the Moon. Because the intention is to enhance and broaden the scientific return, investigations submitted by the GRAIL PI and Co-Investigators (Co-I) will not be considered.

Selected Guest Scientists (GSs) will become members of the GRAIL science team and be required to fulfill some of the same responsibilities as those of current science team members. The selected GSs will coordinate their activities and analyses with the GRAIL Mission Project Scientist, Co-Investigators (Co-Is), and NASA Program Scientist, and they will be bound by team agreements. The selected GS activities and analyses will, thus, be coordinated with the GRAIL science team to achieve the essential scientific objectives of their GS investigation, within the scope and resources of the GRAIL project, and ensure dissemination of the results of the investigation to the scientific community and the general public.

The due date for GRAIL GSP Notices of Intent is August 18, 2011, and the due date for proposals is October 11, 2011.

Questions concerning GRAIL GSP proposals may be addressed to: Robert Fogel at or (202) 358-2289.