Jul 5, 2011

Amendment 13: Final text for the DESDynI-R Mission SDT

The DESDynI-R mission will use radar to measure the deformation of the Earth, study change occurring in the polar ice sheets, and characterize global ecosystems.

This solicitation seeks proposals for membership in a Science Definition Team (SDT) to support prelaunch planning and preparation for the DESDynI-R mission. The DESDynI-R SDT (RSDT) will function for the period between the time of RSDT selection and launch of the DESDynI-R spacecraft. The RSDT will develop the scientific requirements for the DESDynI-R mission in support of the DESDynI-R Project Scientist.

This amendment presents the final text for Appendix A.31, that replaces the prior text in its entirety. The recent 2012 Administration budget required that NASA reformulate the DESDynI mission as an L-Band SAR only design to meet reduced budget guidelines. A Science Definition Team is desired to provide scientific inputs in support of mission preformulation efforts for this newly defined L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) mission.

Notices of Intent to propose are now due July 25, 2011, and proposals are due September 23, 2011.

Questions concerning this

program may be addressed to John LaBrecque, at or (202) 358-1373.