Apr 17, 2012

Amendment 4: Final Text for ROSES-12 Appendix B.8, HDEE

Appendix B.8, Heliophysics Data Environment Enhancements (HDEE) solicits proposals designed to upgrade existing Heliophysics data products to improve the quality, utility, and accessibility of datasets relevant to Heliophysics research. Also solicited are proposals to continue existing data services, which would typically have a period of award no longer than two (2) years, featuring data from Heliophysics missions that have terminated or will soon terminate.

This amendment presents final text for Appendix B.8,HDEE, which replaces the previous text in its entirety. Please Note: a call for Value Added Services, similar to that in previous HDEE calls, and for Virtual Observatories will be issued later this year as a separate call.

The due dates for HDEE have not changed. Notices of intent are due May 11, 2012 and proposals are due on July 20, 2012.

Questions concerning Appendix B.8, HDEE, may be addressed to D. Aaron Roberts, at or (301) 286-5606.