Nov 20, 2015

Amendment 30: Release of Planetary Early Career Fellowship Program

Amendment 30: Release of Revised text for the planetary Early Career Fellowship program
The Early Career Fellowship (ECF) program supports the development of individual research programs of outstanding scientists early in their careers and stimulates research careers in the areas supported by the Planetary Sciences Division. This program is based on the idea that supporting key individuals is a critical mechanism for achieving high impact science that will lead the field forward with new concepts, technologies, and methods.
This program consists of two components with two different submission procedures: the first is the one-page application to be an "Early Career Fellow" (ECF) and the second is the subsequent submission of a seven-page proposal for start-up funds by a previously selected ECF. Section 2 presents details on the former, the application to be an ECF. Section 3 presents details on the latter, the proposal in response to this program element by selected ECFs to apply for up to $100K in start-up funds, once they obtain a permanent track position, which is defined in Section 4.3. See Section 3 for eligibility to apply for start up funds.

In addition to a reorganized structure, this version differs in content most notably in the definition of the kind of position that qualifies for future Early Career Fellows to apply for start up funds. See Section 4.3 for the new definitions of "permanent" and "permanent track" positions. However, this new definition does not affect to Fellows who applied or were named under the prior definition, see Section 3.1. Extra time will be given to individuals who were delayed by this program element being TBD during much of ROSES-2015, see Section 4.2

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