Apr 14, 2015

Amendment 11: Delay of Step-2 Due Date for C.19 Hayabusa2 PSP

The objectives of the Hayabusa2 Participating Scientist (PS) Program are to aid in mission planning and data archiving, sample analysis, and to enhance and supplement the science performed by the Hayabusa2 mission.
This amendment delays the due date for Step-2 proposals. Planetary Science Division personnel are working with NASA’s international partners on the Hayabusa2 mission to provide additional documents and information about the mission for proposers to use in writing Step-2 proposals. The new date for the Step-2 proposal deadline has not yet been determined, but it will be no less than four weeks after the additional information is provided. Until then, the Step-2 deadline for C.19 will be listed as TBD. NASA still anticipates that instrument scientist awards would receive funding starting in FY 2016, and the sample scientist awards would start with a small amount in FY 2017.
Hayabusa-2 Participating Scientist Program Step-1 proposals were due on April 1, 2015, and Step-2 proposals are now listed in the Tables of due dates as "TBD."

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