Apr 2, 2015

Amendment 9 Change of due dates and details on Campaign 9 for D.7, K2 Guest Observer Cycle 3

Program element D.7 of ROSES-2015 solicits proposals for the acquisition and analysis of new scientific data from the K2 mission. K2 repurposes the space-borne hardware and ground-based operations of the Kepler mission for a pointed survey of predetermined locations along the ecliptic plane. The single, visible-wavelength instrument on board K2 provides high-precision photometry capability, with short cadence and long cadence modes (1 minute and 30 minute exposures), and provides a powerful tool for broadband variability analyses of planetary, stellar, extragalactic, and solar system sources.

This amendment adds text that details the Campaign 9 Microlensing Science Team opportunity in Section 1.2.1, and changes the due dates for proposals to allow for submission of a target list to the spacecraft for an on-time start of Campaign 8, The due date for Step-1 proposals is June 2, 2015 and the due date for Step-2 proposals is July 1, 2015. 

Technical questions concerning this program element may be directed to the Kepler Science Center at

The NASA point of contact for programmatic information is: Debra Wallace at