Apr 24, 2015

Amendment 12 Major changes to Program Element C.10 CDAPS

The final text for ROSES-2015 Program Element C.10 The Cassini Data Analysis and Participating Scientists (CDAPS) Program has been posted. Due to the significant changes in the Participating Scientist portion of this program element, the solicitation has been restructured and the prior version of the text has been replaced in its entirety.
The major changes are:

1) The Participating Scientist proposal is now separate from a parent Data Analysis proposal. Step-2 Participating Scientist submissions now require their own fifteen-page proposal that is accompanied by a five-page appendix on the Relevance to the Cassini Participating Scientist Program. See Sections 2.2 and 2.3.

2) Only those Participating Scientist proposals that demonstrate the need for future mission data for achieving successful closure of the scientific objectives are eligible for selection. That is, this year’s Participating Scientist program focuses on and solicits proposals that would address the science goals and objectives for the Cassini Solstice Mission or Grand Finale. However, proposals that would require and would use future mission data to address other science questions are eligible for consideration. See Section 2 for details on and requirements for the Participating Scientist proposals.

This is the final year that the Cassini Participating Scientist program will be offered, although the Cassini Data Analysis Program will continue. The Participating Scientist program’s final year focuses, in part, on the Cassini end-of-mission; this includes Cassini’s Grand Finale, where the spacecraft passes inside of the planet’s rings. To facilitate this focus, the Participating Scientist program now allows proposals to use future mission data and further requires that successful completion of the proposed scientific objectives depend upon their use.
As in prior years, proposals to this program will be taken by a two-step process in which the Notice of Intent is replaced by a required Step-1 proposal submitted by an organization Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR). However, this year no PDF upload is required for the Step-1 proposal. Step-1 proposers merely must fill in the Proposal Summary text box on the NSPIRES cover pages. Only proposers who submit a Step-1 proposal are eligible to submit a Step-2 (full) proposal. See Section 5 for details.
The proposal due dates remain unchanged. Step-1 proposals are still due by June 1, 2015, and Step-2 proposals are due by August 18, 2015.

All potential proposers are strongly urged to carefully read the entire amended call, the Frequently Asked Questions, and all other supporting documentation. These documents may be found on the NSPIRES web page for ROSES-2015 Program Element C.10 CDAPS at
Questions may be directed to the CDAPS point-of-contact, Jared Leisner, at