May 7, 2015

Amendment 13 New opportunity, C.21 CADET

This Amendment Releases a new program element – C.21 Citizen science Asteroid Data, Education, and Tools (CADET).
The Citizen science Asteroid Data, Education, and Tools (CADET) is a joint solicitation of the Near Earth Objects (NEO) Program within NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD) and the AGC program within NASA’s Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT). It seeks innovative proposals to adapt, develop, and web-enable software tools for asteroid data analysis and to make them accessible and easily usable by non-professionals, including amateur astronomers, students, and citizen scientists.
The specific goals of the CADET program are to:

  • Through agile development and other innovative methods, adapt, further develop and web-enable asteroid data analysis software to increase the productivity of NEO and AGC research endeavors and extend the state-of-the practice in those endeavors;
  • Develop easily usable and understandable software tools though the application of human-centered design best practices, including user research studies, systematic usability testing, and evaluation;
  • Integrate advances in information technology with advances in cyberlearning (i.e., what is known about how people learn with technology), and integrate these software tools into learning environments so their potential is fulfilled;
  • Foster multi-disciplinary collaborations that span the NASA science, computer science, design, and education disciplines.  

Step-1 proposals are due by June 15, 2015, and Step-2 proposals are due by July 15 2015.
Questions concerning this program element may be directed to:
Jason Kessler at