Apr 20, 2016

Amendment 8: A.47 Citizen Science for Earth Systems Program

On or about Thursday April 21 Amendment 8 will release a new Opportunity in Program Element A.47 Citizen Science for Earth Systems Program. Notices of Intent (NOIs) are requested by May 27, 2016, and proposals are due by July 21, 2016.

The primary goal of the Citizen Science for Earth Systems Program is to develop and implement capabilities to harness voluntary contributions from members of the general public to advance understanding of the Earth as a system. The program complements NASA’s capability of observing the Earth globally from space, air, land, and water by engaging the public in NASA’s mission to "drive advances in science, technology, aeronautics, space exploration, economic vitality, and stewardship of the Earth" and Strategic Goal 2.2 to "advance knowledge of Earth as a system to meet the challenges of environmental change and to improve life on our planet". The program aims to advance the use of citizen science in scientific research about the Earth by directly supporting citizen science activities, as well as by developing technology to further citizen science research.

For the purpose of this solicitation, citizen science is defined as efforts or projects which use voluntary public participation in the scientific endeavor, including – but not limited to – formulating research questions, conducting experiments, collecting and analyzing data collected by citizen and/or professional scientists, interpreting results, making new discoveries, and/or developing technologies and applications. Crowdsourcing, another frequently used term describing voluntary contributions, is included under citizen science in this solicitation. (See the Federal Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Toolkit for further explanations and guidance:

Through this solicitation, two types of proposals are sought – citizen science research and low cost sensor deployment for the collection of well calibrated citizen science data.
Notices of Intent (NOIs) are requested by May 27, 2016, and proposals are due by July 21, 2016
Questions concerning this program element may be directed to Kevin Murphy at