Jun 25, 2020

NASA's Summer of Citizen Science

Summer of Citizen Science video still

Have five minutes?  Ready to be dazzled by citizen science?  Watch this new video by NASA Citizen Science Officer Marc Kuchner.  You'll take a rapid tour of discoveries made by NASA's citizen scientists over the last year and hear about the newest NASA citizen science projects, those just launched and just about to launch. You'll hear about discoveries by citizen scientists Michael Hunnekuhl, Dan Caselden, David Marriott, and Melina Thevenot---trees, comets, planets, exoplanets, brown dwarfs and more.

This video was part of the kickoff event for the 2nd Annual NASA Citizen Science Community Workshop, a virtual workshop and seminar series.  This workshop continues all summer long, with events every other Wednesday from 3:30 to 5pm ET.  Registration for the workshop is still open, and free at!   

Upcoming events

  • July 8 - Panel: Broadening Participation in Citizen Science, Broadening Participation in Science
  • July 22 - Panel: Data Mash-Ups: Using Citizen Science Data in Conjunction with Other NASA Data Sets
  • August 5 - Panel: Citizen Science Summer Experience: Dive into Project Design
  • August 19 - Keynote: Does Knowing the People Make the Science Better? COASST, Climate Change and COVID-19
  • September 2 - Panel: New Technology and Citizen Science


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