NASA needs your help! You can collaborate with professional scientists, conduct cutting-edge science, and make real discoveries.  A science degree is not required, just a passion for understanding the natural world. Here, you can read news about NASA-funded citizen science projects, new discoveries, and opportunities to get involved. For more information on current citizen science projects.


Space Experiments
Jan 11, 2023
¿Te interesa ayudar a la NASA a alimentar a los astronautas de la Estación Espacial Internacional? ¡Únete al equipo de Growing Beyond Earth®!
Photo on left: scientist working with plants in a pink-lit grow box; photo on right: scientist smiling for camera and working with plants at a pink-lit grow box
Space Experiments, Space Biology
Apr 16, 2021
In the Growing Beyond Earth Program teachers and students conduct research similar to how plants are being grown in the Veggie chamber on the International Space Station. Students conduct experiment trials, collect data on different crop types and growing techniques, and report these data in a... Read More
Photo of a young female student watering seeds in a grow box emitting a pink glow (left) and a female astronaut water seeds on the International Space Station in a grow box that is also emitting a pink glow.