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Solar System, Sky Watching
Jan 31, 2020
Scientists think planets, including the Earth, form inside giant disks of gas and dust that circle young stars. Observing these disks, called protoplanetary disks, teaches us how long it takes planets to form. Until recently astronomers thought that protoplanetary disks all faded away after just a... Read More
Peter Pan Disk
Solar System, Sky Watching
Dec 12, 2018
People around the world have the opportunity to participate in the study of a comet in December of 2018, when a hyperactive comet that orbits between Jupiter and the Sun will be closest to Earth. It will be so close, in fact, that you may be able to see it with the naked eye within a week or two... Read More
You Light Up Our Night Poster
Sun, Solar System
Dec 13, 2011
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Earth, Sun, Solar System
Feb 19, 2001
      Fiery Venus is a wonderful planet to look at, but you wouldn't want to live there! This is a good time to keep an eye on the second planet from the Sun as it approaches Earth and delivers a dazzling sky show.  
Solar System, Sun
Dec 28, 2000
      North Americans will have a front-row seat for a brief but powerful meteor shower on January 3, 2001.  
Solar System
Mar 16, 2000
  March 17, 2000 -- Imagine you're an astronaut. After a long voyage from Earth you've just landed your craft on an alien planet.