Connecting Virtually with Students @ Home

During March and April 2020, the NASA Earth Science Education Collaborative has been responding to educator requests to connect directly with learners during this difficult time. Teachers have been reaching out asking for direct connections to NASA science and Subject Matter Experts. The team works directly with the educator to understand the virtual platform preference and then together the team helps to moderate the connections. Since most stay-at-home orders went in place the team has connected directly with over 270 students.

  • Ossining High School (15 students and 1 educator), Ossining, NY
  • Shumate Middle School (72 students, 4 educators, and district superintendent) Gibraltar, MI
  • Hawkins High School (17 students and one educator) Hawkins, TX
  • Boleslaw Prus Primary School No. 1 (40 students, 1, teacher) Gora, Poland
  • Crestwood High School (25 students, 1 teacher)
  • Junín de los Andes (12 students, 2 teachers) Argentina
  • MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School (3 students, 1 teacher) Santa Clara, CA
  • Montverde Academy (52 students, 1 teacher) Montverde, FL
  • St. Vrain Community Montessori School (37 students, 1 teacher) Longmont, Colorado
Picture of a slide titled "Greetings from NASA!" with a satellite. It also reads "Presentation for middle school students at Monomoy Middle School".