Mar 19, 2020

NASA Prepares for the 2020 U.S. Flood Season

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) released its seasonal "Spring Outlook for 2020" on March 19, 2020. As part of its mission to aid communities with NASA data and research, the NASA Earth Applied Sciences Disasters program area reviewed some of the unique tools and datasets that NASA provides to aid with flood response, and some of the ways NASA has helped tackle floods in the past.

According to NOAA's Spring 2020 report, "NOAA forecasters predict widespread flooding this spring, but do not expect it to be as severe or prolonged overall as the historic floods in 2019. Major to moderate flooding is likely in 23 states from the Northern Plains south to the Gulf Coast, with the most significant flood potential in parts of North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota."

In the United States, floods account for more deaths than any other disaster; resulting in more loss of life and property than other types of hazards and severe weather events.

By Jacob Reed
NASA Earth Applied Sciences Disasters program area

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